Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Tanner is awesome at keeping this ole girl walking and Lisa does amazing massages. Thank you to all of his amazing staff."

- Rochell S.

"Dr. Tanner and his peeps are amazing."

- Patricia D.

"Great job everytime."

- Thomas A.

"Everything was great."

- Peggy H.

"It was professional, quick, no waiting very friendly."

- Phyllis W.

"Everyone is so personable and smiling. Calm, professional, and caring."

- Jon

"Josh Tanner takes a personal approach to helping people feel better. There might be better chiropractors out there, but it could be a long search."

- D. Brown

"Not all chiropractors are the same. Not all patients can be treated the same way even with the same condition. Treatment must be customized to a patient's physiology, pain threshold, and even personality. It takes a doctor with the professionalism and personality like Dr. Tanner to accommodate these needs. The quality of my life has improved tremendously under his care. I will not trust anyone but Dr. Tanner to take care of my chiropractic needs. I highly recommend Dr. Joshua Tanner."

- David H.

"The difference I have been feeling since seeing Dr. Tanner is a game changer. Highly recommend seeing him!"

- Myrna S.

"We have been to Dr. Tanner multiple times for different reasons. He has always been able to help with any issues we were having and is informative and patient. I would definitely recommend him for anyone in need of chiropractic care."

- Brandy A.

"Dr. Tanner is the only chiro that has helped me! He is great at what he does and I would recommend anyone to go to him. He cares about his patients and that’s what matters."

- Ashley H.

"Dr. Tanner is an amazing chiropractor. He listens to all of my needs and is very patient and kind!"

- Regina T.

"Highly recommend. He's knowledgeable and kind. He's worked in my husband several times, another chiropractor, with great results."

- Sondra E.

"Dr. Tanner is Amazing! wont let anyone else adjust me!"

- Amanda F.

"He has been my chiropractor for over 6 years! Hopefully for many many more! Thank you for helping me with my recovery. 💪🏻💯"

- Nestor H.


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