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Chiropractor Altamonte Springs FL Joshua Tanner

Joshua Tanner

Dr. Tanner was born in Washington, Pennsylvania, and raised in Orlando, FL from a young age. He graduated from Edgewater High School, Earning Numerous awards and accolades for his athletic feats which rewarded him with a full athletic scholarship for football at Youngstown State University in Ohio where he studied Biology, chemistry, and education.

As he was preparing for his last season with the team stronger and more well conditioned than ever before, even setting new weight room records and earning an NCAA Strength and Conditioning All-American title. Something, however, was not right; for some reason, his performance on the field was lacking during preseason camp, he wasn't in crippling pain or suffering but he just felt "off" like he was missing a spark. One of the educational administrators took notice and guided him to a chiropractor where he started treatment over the next 2 months. In college sports, everything is recorded on film, games, and practices alike from multiple angles. Those practice and game films while going through treatment provided all the evidence he would ever need to know how big of an impact Chiropractic Medicine can make on the human body. He Changed Majors the following semester and was accepted to Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield Missouri.

Through all the sports, training, and school Dr. Tanner had also always held employment in various fields doing everything from stocking shelves in the grocery store, custodial, customer service, laborer positions for HVAC, home renovations, heavy construction, and even data entry. This allowed him to understand and relate to the strains and demands put on most everyone's lives while at work and home alike. Dr. Tanner has always had a passion for helping others and combined with his ability to use his own past to relate to and understand his patients he has been able to help many feel calm, and more educated about their condition, but most of all they feel they have been heard. While working in a large fast-paced clinic for 5 years he continued to learn and earn a great deal of experience in treating a broad range of conditions from mild postural changes, sports injuries, pre-natal care, degenerative changes, neurological conditions, motor vehicle accidents, even post-surgical treatment so that he can get his patients back to doing what they need to do and what they love to do whether that be something as simple as tying your own shoes or preparing to hike the Appalachian mountains!

Dr. Tanner is capable of offering a broad variety of techniques and various tools to accommodate just about all walks of life including, Diversified (this is the most universal technique many experiences), Gonstead, Logan Advanced Basic technique, Cox Flexion/Distraction, Activator/Mechanical adjusting, GRASTON M1 & M2 certified as well as certifications in Class 4 laser therapies and Minor Surgery (Minor Surgery NOT available in FL due to state's scope of practice).

During his free time, you may find Dr. Tanner preparing something savory in the smoker for company or meal prep, he and his wife Michelle love spending quality time with friends/family, and planning fun weekend outings for their twins.

Massage Therapist

Lisa Slater-Duncan, L.M.T.

Lisa has been providing massage therapy in a medical setting since 2011 and she joined our team in 2018. Her experience includes working with other physical therapy modalities such as EMS, ultrasound, Vibra-wave and KDT decompression.


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